+8 Ways Your Yorkies Demonstrate Just How Much They Care About You

We all have seen how love makes people happy. We as yorkie owners love our pups as if they were family members. But there is a question that we try to answer: Do they love us back?

Sometimes when we arrive at home our dogs are waiting for us and jump all over us. Some others just follow us around the house or wherever we go, they are always following us. If you notice, there are many ways of answering the question if your dog loves you. Here we are going to show you some other ways to know if your yorkie loves you or if they are only with you for the treats you give them.

They sleep with you.

As dog owners we all wake up with a puppy paw in our back or doggie-breath in our face. Dogs in the wild sleep as a pack which is a sign of being loyal. Moreover, when a dog lives with or is good friends with another dog, they want to sleep together too – but only if they are allowed by the other pup. That means that if your dog sleeps with you it’s because he considers you as a good friend, to say the least!

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