That’s dotty! Sweet dachshund named Moo is compared to a Dalmatian and even a COW thanks to his black-and-white spotted body that is a totally different color to his face

Extra special: An adorable dachshund called Moo has won a host of fans thanks to his unique fur, which means he has a black-and-white spotted body – leaving him looking like a Dalmatian.

Adorable: Moo has very distinct piebald fur, which is when an animal has unpigmented white spots on a pigmented background.

Unique: In Moo’s case almost his entire body below his head is piebald all over giving him a Dalmatian-like appearance.

Confusion: People who see Moo for the first time often mistake his piebald fur for some kind of outfit or even pajamas, his owner Victoria Hoffman, 24, from Miami, said.

One of a kind: ‘He is a unique piebald because he has heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat, and he also has a pure black and tan head,’ Victoria said of Moo’s fur.

He’s got it all: Victoria added that Moo also has an extra special personality, saying, ‘He has lots of attitude and is super cuddly and sweet as well’.

Stand out: ‘Moo gets lots of reactions everywhere he goes, whether it’s on social media or in everyday life,’ Victoria revealed.

Famous! Moo often gets stopped on the street by strangers who want to take pictures of him.

Timing: Victoria said that Moo has been a blessing for her and her boyfriend during the COVID-19 pandemic, explaining they wouldn’t have been able to get a dog if it wasn’t for lockdown.

Meant to be: ‘I don’t think that we would’ve gotten a dog if it weren’t for COVID because we wouldn’t have been home as much,’ Victoria shared.

Cheeky: The devoted pet owner said that Moo has done a great job of keeping her entertained while she has been at home.

Friends: Dogs are not the only animals who have piebald fur. It is also common in birds, cats, cattle, horses, foxes, pigs and even snakes.

Rogue: However Moo’s coat is particularly special because it is so distinct from the color of his head and face.

A-moo-zing: The adorable pup boasts more than 13,000 followers on Instagram – where people regularly compare him to a cow because of his fur.

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