14 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Dachshunds

If you want to adopt a puppy and consider what breed to choose, we warn you NOT to get a Dachshund. Here are at least 14 reasons why.

#1 They will sit on your arms.

#2 They have a veeeery long body.

#3 They don`t like to take a bath.

#4 They have high expectations about their birthday😃

#5 They will never forgive you for calling them “A bad boy!”.

#6 They will take your laptop.

#7 They are too cute to punish them.

#8 They will steal your wife`s heart.

#9 They will blame you for petting another dog.

#10 That`s what you will see for the next 15 years.

#11 They will sleep on your bed.

#12 Forget about watching TV. They won`t let you!

#13 They do not like sweets.

#14 They will make you pet their belly.

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