9 Signs You’re Addicted To Dachshunds On Facebook

1-You have audibly gasped at the cuteness of a puppy photo.

2-You’ve seen a photo and thought it was the best photo in the history of photos

3-You’ve looked at the entire history of a Dachshund you don’t know.

4-Or the entire history of a Dachshund you do know… again.

5-You’ve tried to pet a Dachshund through your phone.

6-After you’ve showed someone a photo, you’ve judged them based on their reaction and whether or not it was the proper level of excitement.

7-The number of pages or groups Dachshunds you follow is slowly starting to outnumber the amount of people you follow.

8-And your friends have said something about it.

9- But the biggest sign that you’re addicted to looking at dogs on facebook is that you’ve literally said “It’s an addiction!” when looking at photos of Dachshunds.

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